At Delco Pet Care we clearly understand that each feline that we care for will have their individual sound or tone and their own needs. We know that a cat can produce over a hundred different tones that will communicate that needs. The tone could be saying its time to eat or its time to play with me.

Bernadette and I have grown to pay close attention to that purr of need. But we all know there is always a different sound or tone that we will learn.

cat sittingOur Furry Routine:
• Clean litter boxes during each visit.
• Wash feeding & water bowls prior to feeding.
• Clean up any mishaps/accidents that may occur.
• Playtime. The most important part of our visit.
• Assure the safety of your furry friend.
• Follow your instructions and the routine that you
have set for your pet.
• Communicate with our clients with updates of our visit.

Upon request, we will bring in your daily newspapers, alter your lights. Assuring that your home is safe prior to leaving.

Fees: Can range between $17 per visit to $22.00. Please call so that I can evaluate your cat sitting request.

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