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Reliability and Assurance Focused on Your Pet

Here at Delco Pet Care we know the importance of building a bond of consistency between pet sitter and the pet owner. Knowing that you can feel assured that each time you leave your home for a vacation or a business trip or whatever lives brings, that a professional pet sitter is there to care for your pets every needs. We will meet to gather the needed pet care requirements that you request (no charge for initial consultation), all of your information will placed into a safe and secured area. Privacy of your information is extremely important to us.

How it All Starts

We understand that seeking out a professional pet sitter to come into your home can become a real process. Here at Delco Pet Care we take the process out of that process. Making living easy when it comes to pet care is our goal. Below you will find three steps in creating your pet care reservation.

At Delco Pet Care we pride ourselves on the quick response to your inquire.

Pet Review:

The initial call is where the fun begins. During this call we will gather information that will provide us with the insights to ensure an outstanding pet care experience. This conversation is where we will get to know your pet. From special characteristics, feeding times and portions during each meal. If your four -legged friends have any special feeding needs we will learn that during this conversation. The clearer the picture of your pet’s daily routines, the greater the pet experience.

A Face To Face:

After our initial conversation on the phone we will set-up a day and time that we will meet. The face to face this is when we will put together the final details of the pet sitting visits. Getting to know the lay of the land. Becoming familiar with where everything is kept, from your pets feeding bowls to the litter boxes for our feline friends and anything else that will help us to provide the best pet experience.

We will also spend time to pull together the details of the length of the visit and gather your contact information. Example, your best contact phone number, your e-mail address and an emergency contact person and their phone number. Before leaving your home we will ask for two sets of keys. One of the keys will be safely locked up, as an emergency back- up, and the other key will be used during each visit. It never hurts to be prepared for an emergency.

A Clear Communication:

Communication is Key. Whether your dog is part of our daily dog-walking schedule or if you are away from home don’t be surprise if you will receive a text or an-mail on how our visit went that day. You may even receive a picture off your pet relaxing or enjoying playtime. Taking the worry out of your day that everyone at home is safe and happy.

Please contact Bernadette or myself if you have any type of concerns or questions on your pets status.