Here at Delco Pet Care, we believe that dog walks should be a time where a dog can be a dog. During each walk we allow the dog to enjoy their environment, the great outdoors and not pull them along to get the walk done.

Every dog has a different needs and we are

Delco Pet Care will work with you to design that right walk that fits your dogs needs. We pride ourselves on meeting your busy schedule.


    1. Puppy Visits: $15.00 per visit ( Puppies to the very small dogs) 15 min walk,
    2. The Basic Walk: $18.00 per visit (Most Popular) approx. 30 min walk,

Set for the dog that needs a little fresh air. Do it’s business and return to the comforts of home.

    1. Healthy Walk: $22.00 per visit approx. 45 min walk,

Geared towards the breed that needs to explore, to go a little further.

  1. Additional Dogs $2 per dog. Available Monday-Friday on a set schedule.